Iraq, November 2015 and June 2016.

The village of Medibane was freed on March 25, 2016, a few days after Nowruz. Meaning "new day" in Farsi, it is a new year celebration that corresponds to the arrival of spring. She bore the name of a flower: Gulchin. Her real name being Munire Mina, she proudly wore an M16 she had taken from a Daesh guy she had killed. She had left Iran at the age of fifteen. 

Slava, fled Turkey where the founder of the party that trained her is imprisoned. Abdullah Ocalan's portrait now reigns over Sinjar. The 19-year-old Yezidi is preparing lunch for her YBŞ comrades. 

In these mountains where time seems suspended since the August 2014 massacres on the Yezidi community, these fighters have abandoned themselves to serve their party. Behind the image of the free fighting woman, lies another reality: love and sexual relationships are forbidden, so is leaving the party. Some women have secret abortions, others flee to pursue their romances outside the guerrilla, but all risk death. Men and women seem frozen in an abandoned setting, their stares lost towards death. 

Munire Mina died on March 25, 2016, a few days after Nowruz. She had stepped on a mine. She was 23 years old.

In the blazing desert of my loneliness 

thousands of solitary trees

have grown.

Abbas Kiarostami

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